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MS SQL AlwaysOn – Is current node the Primary?

I’m not a DBA by any stretch of the imagination. I do, however, need to provide basic infrastructure support to a number of Microsoft SQL servers. A number of our MSSQL 2012 servers have been configured to use AlwaysOn. This … Continue reading

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Intel NUC power adapter issue?

I purchased an Intel NUC5i3RYK around 4 weeks ago from Austins in Perth, and decided to put it together this afternoon while home sick. No joy, wouldn’t power up. No lights coming on, and no error beeps (via headphone socket) … Continue reading

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Remove IP from Exchange Relay Connectors

A simple script to compliment a previous post

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Select menu item from a dynamic Powershell array

Whilst talking with a colleague, the topic of being able to create a selectable menu item from a dynamically generated array came up. This was in the context of having a script that would query a list of all mailbox … Continue reading

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Powershell script to alert when someone RDP’s to a server

I’ve had a few issues with contractors logging directly into server, rather than using remote management tools. This script requires a scheduled tasks with a number of event triggers depending on what you want to alert on. I’m not too … Continue reading

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