Intel NUC power adapter issue?

I purchased an Intel NUC5i3RYK around 4 weeks ago from Austins in Perth, and decided to put it together this afternoon while home sick. No joy, wouldn’t power up. No lights coming on, and no error beeps (via headphone socket) when trying to start it up with memory removed.

The physical store I bought it from didn’t have any stock but one of their other stores did. Yay! Second store confirmed ‘no power’ was the issue and gave me a shrink-wrapped replacement with no hassles.

Get home and plug it in, same issue 🙁

Having just moved house I couldn’t find my multimeter to confirm if the P/S was at least providing power to the NUC. So just for shiggles, I took off the AU pin adapter and put on the US pin adapter (it comes with AU/US/EU/UK pin adapters for the power supply) then plugged it into a travel adapter.


Tried the EU & UK pin adapters and the NUC powers on with all of them. Put the AU pin adapter back on and no power again! Searched google briefly without seeing anyone having a similar issue.

There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the AU pin adapter (i.e. no bent pins etc) so not sure what I’m going to do long-term given that I’ve had this issue with two separate NUC’s that I got 4-weeks apart from different physical stores.

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